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After a long hiatus, the podcast is back!  In this episode I talk to Johanna Funk (Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University) about her practice.  Johanna works with remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, which gives a very interesting perspective on open practices.

We talk about how openness can be used to inform processes when working with traditional knowledge systems, and the art of 'getting out of the way'.

At the end of the episode we do mention the University fo Hawai'i.  You can check out some of their work (led by Billy Meinke) here.  Not only are they sharing work, but also working openly with the global community (for example the current OER Workflow) which really exemplifies open practices.

The links promised in the episode are:

The conference referenced in the episode was the ODLAA (Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia) 2017.  I'll post a link to the papers once they are made available.

Host: Adrian Stagg & Johanna Funk 



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